Proactive Health Management

LifeWell provides employers and employees with powerful proactive tools and health management systems to help reduce the number of high risk individuals and lower claims. We believe that helping your employees get and stay healthy is key to lowering costs and we have some powerful tools to achieve that goal. Download Total Population Management Solutions Brochure »

The three components to our Proactive Health Management solution are:

Preventative Testing to Reduce Health Claims—Healthy Benefits

Reports which analyze employees by age and gender and the proactively recommend preventative tests. Getting employees to act in a preventative manner helps reduce the risks of large claims.

Our research shows that plan members who get regular medical check-ups and follow prescribed treatment plans cost a benefit plan less. YourCare Healthy Benefits encourages regular face-to-face interaction between a plan member and their doctor, so if signs of a disease show up, early and less costly treatment options can be used.

We proactively analyze an employer’s plan data and generate reminders for plan members and their physicians when they are due for screenings and other preventive tests. YourCare Healthy Benefits reminders are available for targeted groups of members, including children, women over 40 and men over 50.

Proactive Chronic Disease Care—YourCare Monitoring

We proactively review individuals with chronic conditions and regularly communicate medically accepted treatment plans to them. Employees who follow a set plan of treatment, result in 10%–20% lower costs.

CoreCare Monitoring

Numerous studies show that plan members with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, cost less when they comply with accepted, evidence-based standards of care.

YourCare Monitoring examines an employer’s claims data to identify members with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, asthma and coronary artery disease. We then proactively dig deeper into the data to pinpoint potential gaps in care. Detailed communications are sent alerting the plan member and their doctor to potential gaps in care and encourage the member to make an appointment for an office visit.

By engaging both plan members and their physicians with patient-specific information, we can help them make more proactive, more informed decisions about their care. Plan sponsors get reports detailing participation, compliance, and cost trends against risk-adjusted norms.

Risk Analysis and Health Reminders—YourCare Focus

We proactively assign each employee at your company a risk index based on their submitted claims, age and gender. If the employee’s index reaches a certain level, they are contacted to take some action to help reduce their risk level.

Traditional case management focuses on members who are costing the plan the most money. YourCare Focus expands the scope of traditional case management to plan members at highest risk for future costs, regardless of the costs they’re incurring today.

Using the advanced data mining and analytic power of D2Hawkeye®, YourCare registered nurses identify plan members for whom early intervention could save significant costs down the road.

We then work with the member and their doctor(s) to ensure that they are entered in the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment plan for their condition. From there, our nurses stay engaged to monitor the member’s care, coordinate communication among multiple providers, proactively certify services to expedite treatment, and identify opportunities for specialty medical services.