About LifeWell 

“The reason LifeWell was a good solution for us was the flexibility. They came in and asked us what we wanted and whatever we didn’t have or didn’t see on the table they were able to come forward and provide that for us and give us the solutions we asked for. They are responsive in issues we’ve had, which were minimal, they jumped on very promptly and got with us. The staff is very good, they have a more aggressive mode to being customer service driven…the experience that we have had with LifeWell is that they take the load off of us…we call one person and that individual is the link. I’d sum up the whole experience in that they are a good partner for us!”
—City Manager

“When I come in and have individuals with questions on their benefit health claims…we can simply call up LifeWell, give them the information, and they take care of it from there. From point A to point Z…so that frees us up more to (take care of other HR responsibilities). LifeWell has a Wellness Program so that helps us keep our City healthy and keeps our claims down. Their (LifeWell’s) partnership with the Wellness Program is what helps us help our employees. It’s not just about giving them a Benefits Plan…its given them life options. Life options to be healthy, life options to deal with some of the things, some of the sickness they may have already. The Wellness Program gives them different avenues to take on their life experiences. That helps us as a City and is a great benefit that I would recommend to anyone.”
—Human Resources Director

“Before we went with LifeWell, we had been fully insured with some of the big carriers and it would take me years to get the information that I need as far as a person I could depend on to take care of anything. (We had a Client Coordinator) assigned to us right up front and she proved herself right from the beginning. If I called her about a claim, it may be something she doesn’t have yet, she’ll call the doctor, make them get it in so that she can look at it and get back to me. It relieves a lot of stress off of me and takes a lot of time off of me.”
—Payroll & Human Resources Manager

“Just want to say how pleased I am that our company has chosen to continue using LifeWell as our LifeLine to our employees. You and the rest of your staff are quick to respond when we have a need. The ability to get answers in a timely manner certainly does relieve a lot of stress…it is the job (LifeWell does) that renewed our contract.”
—Human Resources Manager

“They (LifeWell) are quick to respond on anything I ever ask. I will send and email or pick up the phone and call and within five minutes I have an answer. They are concerned about us being answered…and our employees being happy. I’m really very satisfied. This is our second year with LifeWell, and as long as things keep going as well as they are now, I’m sure we’ll go again with them next year.”
—Human Resources Manager

“LifeWell was willing to take us on…and present options to traditional insurance companies and show us a way where we can begin to control our costs. We are into our (fourth) year with LifeWell…they are very courteous and expedient in taking care of any issues or questions the employees have and I would say overall we have been very, very satisfied with their service, their support, (and) their help in controlling our costs.”
—General Manager

“I was a little ‘leery’ at first: no name recognition…however…what we have received is an eagerness to earn and keep our business, a willingness to go the extra mile to work something through satisfactorily. The team at LifeWell really has made it their business to understand how we want the insurance plan to work for our employees. They have demonstrated the openness and flexibility we need to make the benefit plan understandable and accessible for our group members. Every member of the service team has made it their business to ‘be there’ for us when it counts. We had a family facing a very difficult (situation at our company)….LifeWell was right along with us, doing their best to provide a good outcome…I am grateful and more than impressed with LifeWell. I would say that they take their commitment to service very personally.”
—Human Resources/Benefits

“By using LifeWell and their wellness program, we have seen a drastic downturn in our claims. The idea of creating a healthier lifestyle for employees and reducing unexpected claims has really worked at our company. Plus, for two years in a row our healthcare cots have gone from escalating out of control to zero increases. LifeWell provides a level of service that is superior to what we experienced in the past. This is true innovation in healthcare delivery.”
—Human Resources Director

“LifeWell has always delivered creative, client-focused solutions. Their customer service team is top notch. We highly recommend them.”
—President/Employee Benefit Specialist

“…(LifeWell) provided us with a high level of customer service. There were always extremely responsive and if they didn’t know the answer immediately, they were resourceful enough to get the answer for us…I have enjoyed working with (the LifeWell team). They are all very professional …and extremely knowledgeable as well. (They) reply to my inquiries very swiftly. It is so refreshing to work with people who actually know and enjoy what they are doing and do it well.”
—Vice President of Human Resources

About Our Employees

“I wish to send a note of thank you to (one of your employees). She has been of great assistance to my family and I in regards to when our insurance switched to LifeWell. She is truly an outstanding employee who deserves a note of accommodation. She is most definitely a person I consider to have full knowledge of her job as well as completing the task at hand.”
—LifeWell Member

“(Our LifeWell Customer Service Rep) added (our baby) today. She called and said she received the information late Thursday…I called Kroger and they have already ran the insurance and all is good. She is great…most people would have just put us off. Let (the group) know how good and fast they were for us!!”
—LifeWell Member

“Thank you SO MUCH for working whatever magic you did to make this happen (regarding claims issue)!!”
—LifeWell Member

“We cannot say enough about the continued efforts and impeccable service that we receive from (our Client Coordinator). In our industry, working with people like (her) is refreshing and very rare. Her servicing abilities are not to be taken for granted and we very much appreciate everything that she has done and continues to do for/with us to meet the needs of the client.”
—LifeWell Client

“Just wanted to pass along my experience with LifeWell. I went to pick up prescriptions last evening, and only when I started to pay, realized I had lost my ID card. I called LifeWell this morning for a replacement card, and to get the ID number for the pharmacy. I received a call back from the nicest lady. She called my pharmacy and got everything straightened out with them, then called me back to let me know I could pick up my drugs anytime and assured me again that my new ID card had been ordered. Truly great customer service!!”
—LifeWell Member

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with LifeWell. Everyone I have dealt with has been very responsive, helpful, and pleasant!”
—LifeWell Client

“Thank you (to our Client Coordinator) for being so efficient in handling special conditions. We appreciate your being so thorough and the extra effort put into coordinating special accommodations.”
—LifeWell Client