Wellness with a Big Twist

By focusing on wellness and health management, LifeWell is able to help companies lower their overall healthcare costs. Consider the following:

  • Healthy people are rarely sick and create fewer claims; our health management program finds high at-risk employees and treats them as soon as possible!
  • Up to 20% of Americans are at risk for a major health illness yet are unaware of it;our program identifies those at risk and attempts to stop large claims like heart attacks before they happen.
  • The majority of chronic illnesses are lifestyle related and can therefore be diagnosed early and prevented.
  • Most wellness programs are nothing more than brochures and DVDs; our program includes person-to-person coaching onsite at the workplace.

LifeWell Health Plans screens each employee and provides individual employee health reports that are communicated one-on-one. We then personally coach those at high risk for 12-week intervals to help meet goals the employee sets!

A Twist on How to Pay for Wellness!

With LifeWell, your overall liability for your health plan costs includes wellness. The program is part of your plan document and covered under your aggregate insurance coverage. Once you budget for the plan, you can include this invaluable cost-saving program without having to add on costs!