LifeWell Health Partners is LifeWell’s proprietary provider network.

In order to provide the lowest cost employee health plans, the right physicians have to be a part of the network at the right reimbursements for procedures. We have both. Most traditional third party administrators rely solely on 3rd party independent or “rental” networks whose negotiated rates can be higher than large traditional carriers. Typically, large carriers can and do negotiate deeper discounts. So, do we.

In the Atlanta, GA market we have almost 15,000 physicians and most hospitals in our network. The rates we negotiate with our networks are extremely competitive with large carriers. They also allow us to offer products that TPAs usually cannot, like HMO or POS. Often, where we do not have networks, we build them.

The bottom line is that by using LifeWell you don’t have to give up lower cost to get great service . . . you can have both.

Directory of Providers in the LifeWell Health Partners Network

Locate a Health Partner Provider using our network search engine.

Other Networks

Where we do not have a proprietary network, we work with over 100 other networks nation-wide. Some of those networks include: