Healthcare Management

We address the entire spectrum of healthcare management issues that may face your employees . . . from prevention to chronic illnesses.

Health Management
We provide a complete primary prevention service to our customers through risk assessment and lifestyle coaching; in fact, it’s built-into every plan!

Utilization Management
Pre-certification and referrals: These services cover a short term acute medial situation like a colonoscopy, hysterectomy, or gall bladder surgery. We work with the doctors and hospitals to make sure these services are covered.

Case Management
The second type of management covers a serious acute situation such as heart surgery followed by intensive rehabilitation. We work with the doctors to arrange care in the most effective setting.

Disease Management
The last type of health management deals with patients who have serious chronic illnesses such as COPD, diabetes, or congestive heart failure. We work one-on-one with patients to encourage them to follow protocols and stay healthy.

Patient Advocates
Our Patient Advocates follow the patient through all levels of care, monitoring status and outcomes, and communicating when necessary with the patient or provider.